The expression of a new and refined vision, where innovation is represented by the recovery of unconditional tradition.


This is our unambiguous guide, which has never been forgotten. Even today in the cellar the most traditional ageing techniques dictate the winemaking style of Casa E. di Mirafiore. The vinification method requires the strict observance of the rules of the most refined and rigorous Piedmontese tradition.


Respect for the most traditional local winemaking techniques, vineyards planted according to the most modern winemaking techniques available at the time, adhering to the customs that allowed the selection of the positions on both sides of the hills best suited to the different grape varieties. Respect for the land itself, tended, cultivated and experienced every day, seconding its natural needs.


In every single choice, in every single daily action, we strive for the highest quality. Our aim is to achieve the utmost precision, balance and elegance for each wine, in order to express all the power and the deep connection between the vine and its land of origin.


This is reflected in the ongoing desire to bring added value, always starting from our origins. We are still organic today, but now it’s by choice. Thanks to the progress made by modern viticulture, we are able to cultivate our vineyards without the use of synthetic products, ensuring maximum sustainability, respect for the environment and the quality of the finished product.

Our manifesto

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