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The meeting and mutual recognition of the deepest intimacies of the cosmos, the earth and the sky generate the whole of creation.

Terroir - Earth & Sky

The uniqueness of the Langhe

The estate is located in North Western Italy, in the hearth of Langhe area, on those vineyard landscapes recognised, in 2014, as UNESCO World Heritage for the exceptional universal value of the farming scenery.

We are in one of the world’s most famous hills, renowned for the riches of the land and its vocation for wine production, and for man’s skilled intervention for the preservation and enhancement of nature’s gifts.

The fruit of the vines

Our vineyards (25 ha of property) are located in the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, the biggest part of them close to the winery, in the Fontanafredda subzone,and Barolo, on lands which already belonged to the owners of the estate when it was founded in 1878.

  • Middle-hill and high-hill vineyards, with an altitude between 300 and 480 metres above sea level
  • South and south-westerly exposure
  • Cultivated on the slopes that best suite to the different grape varieties

Lucky enough to own parcels in four of the greatest crus of the Barolo DOCG appellation area, Lazzarito and Paiagallo, Meriame and Parafada, the latters released from the 2020 vintage.

Smart enough to cultivate them with maximum respect of the soil, without using chemicals and according to the organic farming method rules.

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The influence of the soil

The whole area is characterized by a veryancientsedimentarysoil of marine origin, composed by very compact marlyclay, poor in nutriments for the vines. Therefore the environment is difficult for the plants that are forced to grow slowly with roots that develop deeply to search water and nutriments. The result is a grapes with a lot of aromas and tonesthat express the flavours of the soil.

The variability of the weather

If we go beyond the earth, we can grasp the deep essence and genesis of the cosmos. It is precisely the encounter between the deep intimacy of the universe, the earth and the sky that generates the perfect conditions. The sun that warms the hilly soils during the year, alternating with precipitations that quench the fibres, creates a context of great variability that makes every grape harvest so very different from the others.

The vineyards


Vineyard Paiagallo, in the municipality of Barolo, is located on a medium hill (320-370 m asl) with east exposure, it has a Miocene-Tortonian soil, rich in limestone and potassium oxide, phosphorus and copper, with good permeability.

Our Barolo “Paiagallo” brings out the characteristics of the wines of the municipality of Barolo: evident aromas, good acidity, balanced tannins, and right structure.



Vigna Lazzarito, in the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba, is one of the most prestigious vineyards of ownership that can produce long-lived Barolo. Located in a mid-hill position (340-380 m asl) with south-west exposure, right in front of the medieval castle of Serralunga, it has a Miocene-Langhian origin, rich in calcareous marl, with good permeability. Our Barolo “Lazzarito“ is a harmonious Barolo, with aromas that become more important and complex over the years.



The MGA Meriame is in Serralunga d’Alba and takes its name from the locality of the same name. This MGA is located on the left ridge of the hill that goes up towards the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba, at 335 m above sea level. The exposure is mainly south-west, but near the Cascina Meriame the slope turns south for a short stretch. The terroir has a medium texture composed of sand, silt and clay, with good depth.


The MGA Parafada takes its name from the neighboring peasant village in Serralunga d’Alba with an altitude that reaches 350 m a.s.l. A historic vineyard, planted in 1975, with the favorable south-east exposure of the slope that offers natural “protection” from adverse climatic events such as hailstorms, frosts, and sunburn of the bunches. The soil of the MGA Parafada has a clay-limestone texture, with no skeleton: in a fertile and particularly deep state, with highly disintegrated stratiform deposits. All this allows the water and the roots to deepen very much, thus being able to have important nutritional and water reserves, thus providing great tolerance to water stress.

Vigna magica

The vineyard that opens the doors of our estate. With a South-East exposure and planted with Nebbiolo, it is the place where the Magic stones of Langa are revived today. A land that is the guardian of history and at the same time cultivated for the preservation of biodiversity and for the re-construction of the natural wine-growing cycle: from the vineyard to the cellar, the outcome of an awaited but demanding organic wine. The countryside in which the art of vineyard and wine interacts with architectural beauty functional to the work of the farm: 12 atropoforme stones at the head of the rows protect the vineyard, as handed down by the system of knowledge of rural magism to protect the vineyard, just like it happened during the 2017 frost, which only spared this vineyard.

Vigna Meriame

Vigna Parafada


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