Barolo Meriame


Mirafiore Barolo Meriame

Grape variety

100% Nebbiolo


Thus begins a long period of refinement, fundamental to best enhance the character of the wine, rising for a couple of years in 500-liter tonneaux, continuing for a further 8-10 months in ceramic amphora, to subsequently end in the bottle. Here it awaits the optimal moment before being enjoyed.

Tasting characteristics

As soon as the grapes reach optimal ripeness, they are harvested manually and taken to the cellar in small, perforated baskets and immediately destemmed, but not pressed, into small 500-litre oak barrels inside which the whole-berry fermentation takes place. As soon as the cap of skins reaches the top of the barrel and acquires a certain consistency, indicative of the start of alcoholic fermentation, we proceed with periodic and soft manual punching down. This allows the skins to remain constantly wet with the grape juice, facilitating the passage of the color and noble substances contained in them. After a couple of days after the end of fermentation, we proceed with racking, separating the liquid part from the skins. Subsequently, after a few days in which the coarser solids separate through decantation, the wine is decanted and placed in the barrels in which it was born, in which the malolactic fermentation will consecutively take place.

Sensory profile

Garnet red color with light ruby nuance on the nail. Intense, enveloping nose with deep notes reminiscent of cherry and a background that ranges from citrus to rhubarb. On the palate it is fresh, balanced with a silky tannic texture.

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