Barolo Parafada


Mirafiore Barolo Parafada

Grape variety

100% Nebbiolo


Maturation takes place for 20-24 months in tonneaux, after which it continues in ceramic amphorae before being bottled and waiting for the best moment to be tasted.

Tasting characteristics

The grapes, once harvested and placed in small, perforated boxes, are left to ferment inside 500 liter wooden barrels, to carry out a whole bunch fermenta- tion, alternating layers of half with destemmed grapes and half with bunch intact as harvested from the plant with the berries still attached to the stem. As soon as alcoholic fermentation starts, light and delicate punching are carried out to keep the upper part of the cap of skins constantly moist, avoiding breaking the whole grapes present in the central area of the cap. Fermentation occurs slowly but steadily, as the grapes, as they break, release their juice which is still rich in sugars. This process lasts for approximately three weeks, before proceeding with racking. Following pressing, part of the not yet fermented must contained in the grapes finishes fermentation without its skins. A couple of days of static decantation, to ensure that the coarser solid parts settle, precedes the wine being placed in the same barrels in which it fermented, where it will carry out the subsequent malolactic fermentation.

Sensory profile

Intense and bright garnet red colour. Notes of wild strawberry and small red fruits precede spicy hints reminiscent of black pepper berries, these are the sensations that can be felt on the nose. On the palate it is vibrant, enveloping with a dense and balanced tannic texture of long persistence, with a tense muscle.

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