Barolo Riserva


Barolo Docg Riserva

Grape variety

Nebbiolo 100%


In order to be labelled as a "Riserva” (Reserve), according to the law Barolo wine must have undergone at least 5 years of maturing before it is released. The first three years are spent in medium and big size oak barrels (20-140 hectolitres), then the wine ages for one year in large concrete tanks and – finally – for the last one in bottle.

Tasting characteristics

Keeping up a tradition, Barolo Riserva Mirafiore is made blending wines coming from different estate vineyards. These vineyards can vary, depending on the characteristic of the vintages. Anyway, blen- ding is made just when the malolactic fermentation is completed. A very long maceration and a few transfers during the oak barrel ageing, allows it to anticipate the evolution of the tertiary aromas before bott- ling. The perfect polyphenolic ripening of the grapes before harve- sting, favours the extraction of a big quantity of sweet tannins, which at the end of ageing build a dense silky weft. In the glass, Barolo Riserva is a wine that can offer great emotions: ruby highlights still show on its deep garnet red colour, while its intense, clear-cut nose hints at spicy aromas like wormwood, then cocoa, mint, black cherry, leather and dried mushrooms. Its sweet, velvety tannins blend nicely on its smooth taste, helping to ensure a very long finish, warm and fascinating.

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