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From the most refined Piedmontese tradition, intense and expressive wines, full of personality and character, from the most natural interweaving of old and new.

Since ever traditional, since ever innovative

The respect of Piedmontese winemaking traditions dictates our style. We use indigenous yeasts selected from the grapes of our vineyards.

Frequent pumping over, to optimise the extraction of tannins and colour, generates clearer more elegant scents and aromas. Long periods of “submerged cap” maceration on skins allow higher than usual extraction. We do not operate stabilization and fining. Filtering is made only with very large septa that do not influence the quality of the wine

Finally, long ageings and the use of large oak barrels and concrete tanks mirror the local winemaking traditions and promote the best conditions for ageing our wines.


The grape varieties that represent us now, just as they did all those years ago, are Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera: this is why we decided to only vinify them. Quality is at home on this estate,  thanks also to the ownership of two of the greatest crus in the whole Langa area: Lazzarito and Paiagallo. Accompanied by the best reds of the Langhe, standing out among the bubbles and white wines, are our Alta Langa Blanc de Noir and our Langhe Nascetta.


  • Vermouth Bianco

    Vermouth Bianco
  • Vermouth Rosso

    Vermouth Rosso

Never so beautiful, never so good, never so clean

  • Barolo Riserva

    Barolo Docg Riserva
  • Barolo Parafada

    Mirafiore Barolo Parafada
  • Barolo Meriame

    Mirafiore Barolo Meriame
  • Barolo Lazzarito

    Barolo Docg Lazzarito
  • Barolo Paiagallo

    Barolo Docg Paiagallo
  • Barolo

    Barolo Docg

Magic stone

  • Donna Tribale

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Donna Tribale
  • Fertilità Maschile

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Fertilità Maschile
  • Nutrimento

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Nutrimento
  • Prosperità Femminile

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Prosperità Femminile
  • Sapienza Contadina

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Sapienza Contadina
  • Stupore

    Pietra Magica Langhe Rosso Stupore

Young Red Wines

  • Barbera d’Alba Superiore

    Barbera d'Alba Superiore Doc
  • Langhe Nebbiolo

    Langhe Nebbiolo Doc
  • Dolcetto d’Alba

    Dolcetto d'Alba Doc


  • Alta Langa Blanc de Noir

    Alta Langa 2017
  • Piemonte Spumante

    Piemonte Spumante Doc

White wines

  • Langhe Nascetta

    Langhe DOC Nascetta

Great vintages

  • Barolo Riserva

    Barolo Docg Riserva
  • Barolo Paiagallo

    Barolo Docg Paiagallo
  • Barolo Lazzarito

    Barolo Docg Lazzarito
  • Barolo

    Barolo Docg


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